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Available On:

  • Personal Computer

System Requirements:

  • Windows 98/XP/Vista enabled PC

  • 8X CD ROM

  • Uses Keyboard or Mouse

  • 200MB of free space

Game Information:

The islands of Derek are inhabited by a people called the Matteh. Most of the Matteh are in absolute darkness. For the last few centuries they have been controlled by a false religion called the Dalaq. The Dalaq destroyed the Holy Bible which was the only source of true light the Matteh had. Then they wrote new Bibles in a language the Matteh could not read. Is there any hope for the Matteh? There is believed to be a secret group of sincere Matteh called the Qada that took copies of the Bible in the Matteh language and fled to a hidden spot in the mountains, but that was many years ago. Are they still there? Can they be found? Do you have what it takes to find them and set the Matteh people free again by bringing back to them the Bible in there own language? Only you can answer these questions. Derek does not require any previous experience with Nacah, all you need is a willingness to explore!

The Sequel to NECAH. The Dalaq destroyed the Holy Bible which was the only source of true light to the Matteh had. Explore amazing places, looking for the hiding place of the Qada and set the Matteh free by bringing back the Bible in their own language. Meet fascinating people as you journey through the island of Derek. Solve amazing puzzles with the help of your KJV Bible.


Does it work on Vista?:

This game is 100% Microsoft Windows Vista Compatible!