Jesus in Space

ON SALE!: $22.95!

Available On:

  • PC and Mac!

System Requirements:

  • Windows 98/XP/Vista enabled PC or OS X enabled Mac

  • 8X CD ROM

  • Uses Keyboard and Mouse

  • 32MB video card

Game Information:

Join Captain Paul Hammer, Lieutenant Stu Dent,
and Shelbot the Brainy Robot

on a "Great Commission Adventure" to teach the Gospel
on newly discovered worlds.

Three complete adventure lessons:

  1. The Baptism of Jesus
  2. The Last Supper & Foot Washing
  3. The Road to Emmaus

Each interactive software lesson brings you to a new planet and new aliens who need to learn the story. Lt Stu must translate the lesson into a message they can understand. And he gets plenty of help from Shelbot and Capt Paul, as well as the aliens.


On the underwater Planet Vet he'll meet Minister Gil Filtafish and use the BABEL 4000 translator to figure out how to explain "baptism" to aliens who live underwater. (What would John the Baptist wear underwater)  Capt Paul explains Baptism to Stu in a presentation aboard the Tarsus (complete with questions to answer), and there's a fun Baptism "Pipes" game that gives you the answers to a quiz about Baptism --if you were paying attention.

On the Planet Whammo Stu plays a story game with Chief Wackimac and his tribe of Robots. You'll find out why the planet is called "Whammo" when the robots begin to make a lot of mistakes in the story. Your students will need to pay attention! (and maybe even consult their Bibles) After the story, Stu must navigate a Robot "crushing & recycling plant" and The Whammo Labs to learn about the Passover Seder Meal and its connection to Communion. A final (ecumenical) presentation about communion takes place back aboard the ship.

On Ice Moon Alpha, Lt Stu encounters strange snowmen ready to learn the story of Jesus on the Road to Emmaus. At first, he's misidentified as an alien by "Flinger" -a snowball throwing Snoballian. After a snowball game, Teacher Snobob appears to settle things down and invites Stu to help them dramatize their Emmaus play. Shelbot downloads the "Stagecraft 4000" to help Stu custom dramatize the story with the Snoballians.  Back aboard the Tarsus, Captain Paul leads your students through a very special INTERACTIVE reflection activity about "how we see Jesus."

More learning surprises and activities in each story!

Does it work on Vista?:

This game is 100% Microsoft Windows Vista Compatible!