One Nation Under God

Our Price: $29.95!

Available On:

  • Personal Computer

System Requirements:

  • Windows 98/XP/Vista enabled PC

  • 8X CD ROM

  • Uses Keyboard or Mouse

  • 50MB of free space

Game Information:

Join Uncle Sam in his quest for Liberty through the Halls of History.

Learn the truth about America's Founders: They were Christians!
An interactive 3D learning environment (your kids will think it's just a cool 3D game).
Middle School through Adult (we include some easy levels for grown-ups).
Text-to-speech helps audio learners!
Over 40 hours of learning!
Child Safe: Lots of action, but no violence against other characters.

In-depth research proving the Founders were Christian, using their own words. Flying, sliding, jumping, bouncing, dodging, searching, and solving puzzles (whew).
Includes a free Bible on computer.

14 Lessons:

  • Before Independence

  • Independence

  • Christianity in Early American Society

  • Christianity of The Founders

  • Christianity in Government

  • Patrick Henry and Samuel Adams

  • John Witherspoon

  • George Washington

  • John Adams

  • James Madison

  • Delegates of New England States

  • Delegates of Middle States

  • Delegates of Southern States

  • The Deist Question

Does it work on Vista?:

This game is 100% Microsoft Windows Vista Compatible!