Wisdom Tree Return with Arkade Plug and Play

The Arkade

San Antonio, Texas – Friday July 15th, 2016 – Wisdom Tree return with a new Plug and Play console featuring seven classic Biblical adventures from their Nintendo Entertainment days.  The Arkade features action, adventure, puzzle and even board games that Wisdom Tree made available 20+ years ago, now in easy to use Plug and Play format.

Bible Adventures, Spiritual Warfare, JoshuaThe Battle of Jericho, King of Kings, Bible Buffet, Exodus and Sunday Funday are the titles included on the Wisdom Tree Arkade.  Fans of Double Dash, Super Mario Bros 2, Legend of Zelda and board games like Trivial Pursuit will find something to enjoy on the Wisdom Tree Arkade.

The Arkade is the first Plug and Play console in a planned line of PnP consoles from Wisdom Tree.  By using a familiar design, that of the Nintendo NES controller, to house the complete unit, not only are costs reduced but fans will instantly recognize, and understand how to play, the Arkade.  

Why Kickstarter:
Simple, it takes money to make a project like the Wisdom Tree Arkade.  To get the funds to make this Plug and Play a reality, there will be various rewards for backers depending on the pledge amount.  Super Noah’s Ark 3D, Spiritual Warfare, Exodus and more are available in both digital and physical versions for backers at various reward levels.

Stretch goals are important with Kickstarter campaigns.  This is where the fun stuff is usually kept and we are no different.  Want to see Super Noah’s Ark 3D ported to the Sega Genesis and Sega Dreamcast?  We do too but we cannot do it without your help.  This is your chance to help make a new, interesting, game available on the Sega Genesis (some say SNA3D won’t run on this 16-bitter but we don’t talk to those people).  Let’s talk cartoons for a moment.  If funding for the Wisdom Tree Arkade is as great as we think support will be, there could possibly be a brand new, fully animated, cartoon based on Super Noah’s Ark 3D.  How cool would that be?  It gets cooler though.  Backers will be able to stream this movie for free while for the rest of the world, and for those that are not into digital only stuff, a DVD (maybe Blu-Ray) release of the animated film made available.

It is safe to say, there is nothing else like the Wisdom Tree Arkade available.

If you are interested in backing the project, please follow this link, and pick your favorite reward!

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